Losing Your Kids to Gaming Addiction? A Therapists Perspective

Address the root causes of gaming addiction, implement practical strategies, and actively participating in your child's gaming world

Feb 29, 2024

Choosing Peace Over the Compulsive Desire to Fight

Choosing peace over the compulsive desire to fight is a transformative journey that requires self-reflection, mindfulness, and a willingness to embrace vulnerability.

Feb 25, 2024

Nurturing Connection: The Person-First Approach to Correcting Kids and Adults

By embracing the person-first approach, we can ensure that corrections are not just directives but opportunities for growth, understanding, and strengthened bonds.

Feb 22, 2024

A Deeper Look at Love and Communication This Valentines Day

Valentine's Day serves as a reminder that love takes various forms and requires continuous effort and understanding.

Feb 12, 2024

A Therapists Perspective on Nervous System Dysregulation BEYOND the Mind-Body Connection

Besides mind-body connection of our nervous system, other factors are at play that causes nervous system dysregulation that we should be aware of.

Feb 08, 2024

I Shouldn't HAVE to -How this Mindset is Sabotaging Your Relationships

"I shouldn't HAVE to ask for help." - mindset often stems from a belief in an idealised sense of fairness, where others should intuitively understand and cater to our unspoken needs

Feb 01, 2024

The Complex Psychology of Finances and the Psychology Behind Our Decisions

Recognising the intricate dance of financial behaviours and understanding the underlying psychology is the first step towards transformative change.

Jan 25, 2024

Understanding the Shift from Post-Traumatic Stress to Post-Traumatic Growth

We delve into the differences between PTS and PTG, the mindset required for growth, and the beauty of adversity in shaping our lives.

Jan 18, 2024

Nourishing the Mind: A Guide to Mindful Consumption in the Digital Age

The choices we make in our daily consumption can be either life-taking, draining our energy and mental resources, or life-giving, enriching our minds and fostering positive growth.

Jan 04, 2024

The 10 Signs of a Wounded Inner Child and How to Nurture Them

The wounds inflicted during childhood can linger into adulthood, manifesting as a wounded inner child.

Dec 27, 2023

Navigating Overwhelm During the Festive Season: Your Christmas Gift Guide for SELF-care

From family dynamics to the financial strain of gift-giving amid a cost-of-living crisis, the festive period can pose unique challenges to our mental well-being.

Dec 21, 2023

Navigating Life When It Rains (And Pours)

Life's challenges can feel overwhelming, but by accepting, seeking perspective and support, prioritizing self-care, breaking down tasks, and practicing mindfulness, we can emerge stronger and wiser.

Dec 07, 2023

Some Insight Into Risk-Taking Behaviour and How to Channel It for Positive Growth

Delve into the importance of finding equilibrium in the pursuit of thrills, and understand the significance of supportive environments. Discover how neuroplasticity can help.

Nov 23, 2023

It's All Your Fault! Understanding Blame, Fault, and the Need for Perception Correction

Blame is a dead end, while responsibility empowers us to take ownership of our lives and create positive change

Nov 09, 2023

Abandonment- What If It's More Than We Think

Explore the key differences between physical abandonment and emotional abandonment, and the crucial importance of feeling seen, heard, and valued for our overall mental and emotional health

Nov 02, 2023

Unlocking Your True Potential: Building Capacity and Taking Action

Personal growth is the key to a fulfilling and meaningful life. By addressing your capacity and building emotional and mental strength, you can transform your life.

Oct 26, 2023

What Are You Tolerating That’s Causing You Harm?

There's a big difference between "acceptance" and "tolerance”. Recognising the difference between acceptance and tolerance is vital for shaping a positive life.

Oct 26, 2023

Spiritual Bypassing vs. Authentic Healing: Are You Overlooking The Key to Transformation?

Spiritual bypassing is a common trap that can prevent us from healing and growing. It's when we use spiritual practices or concepts to avoid confronting our real issues.

Oct 19, 2023

Finding Calm In Parenting Chaos: How to Support Your Child's Regulation

Parenting is a shared adventure. By investing in your well-being, you're not only helping yourself but also creating a more joyful journey for your child.

Oct 05, 2023

Guilt Or Shame: Why Do Our Kids Trigger Us So Bad?

Parenting is a roller coaster of emotions. When our children trigger us, they're often holding up a mirror to the parts of ourselves we struggle to embrace.

Sep 15, 2023

Reclaim Your Power: Overcoming the Fear of Being Seen and Playing Small

The Fear of Unleashed Greatness is the fear that if you shine too bright, others might take offense or try to dim your light.

Aug 31, 2023

Can Our Own Personal Growth Really Lead To Losing People We Love?

Explore how personal growth affects relationships. Vibrational shifts can lead to evolution or parting ways, embracing change with grace and love.

Aug 18, 2023

The Tug of War: Staying Together vs. Pursuing Happiness - The Effect on Children

Staying together for the child's sake seems selfless, but hidden under the surface, affecting the child's well-being. Pursuing happiness through separation can still lead to growth and resilience.

Jul 28, 2023

Embracing Discomfort: Unlocking Growth and Success in the Comfort Zone

Discover comfort zone's impact. Overcome challenges mindfully. Expand, embrace new experiences. Cultivate growth mindset for success.

Jun 23, 2023

Unraveling the Mystery: Why Am I Like This? Exploring the Influences that Shape Who We Become

Uncover what shapes your identity: genetics, childhood, environment, education, events, peers, reflection, and culture. Explore the journey of self-discovery.

Jun 16, 2023

Boundaries Unleashed: Empowerment and Growth through Healthy Boundaries

Discover the transformative power of healthy boundaries in relationships and personal growth. Learn to recognise, develop, and overcome boundary challenges.

Jun 09, 2023

The Pitfalls of People Pleasing: How to Overcome it and Reclaim Your Sense of Self

The article discusses the pitfalls of people pleasing and provides tips on overcoming it, including self-awareness, setting boundaries, and challenging negative self-talk.

Apr 28, 2023