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A Practical Guide

for Every Day Mums

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Navigating Motherhood

Navigating Motherhood is dedicated to mums all over the world. 

  • Real-life experiences: Navigating Motherhood provides insights from real mothers who have experienced the challenges and joys of parenting firsthand, making it relatable and authentic.

  • Personalized wisdom: With a plethora of information available, the book offers a curated collection of stories, allowing readers to find advice and tips that resonate with their own values and parenting style.

  • Empowerment and encouragement: Readers can draw strength from the experiences shared by other mothers, feeling supported and encouraged in their own parenting journey.

  • Overcoming overwhelm: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by conflicting expert advice, the book offers a diverse range of perspectives, helping mothers navigate through the complexities of motherhood with confidence.

Realistic expectations

Acknowledging that there's no one-size-fits-all solution, the book emphasizes that no mother has a perfect system for balancing sleep, self-care, and sanity, promoting self-compassion.

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Finding hope

The shared experiences offer hope and reassurance, letting mothers know that they are not alone in their struggles and triumphs.

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Dr Ashleigh Morelan

About Dr. Ashleigh Moreland

Multifaceted Expertise

Dr. Ashleigh Moreland, PhD, possesses a diverse range of expertise as a neuroscientist, best-selling author, speaker, therapist, and consultant.

Neuroplasticity Specialist

With a Ph.D. in neuroplasticity, Dr. Moreland is at the forefront of understanding how the brain can adapt and change, leading to transformative approaches in mind-body-spirit wellness.

Real-World Application

Driven by a passion for bridging scientific inquiry with practical application, she is committed to making a tangible impact on people's lives through her work.

Advocate for Neurodiversity

As a mother of two, including a child with neurodivergent diagnoses, Dr. Moreland brings a unique and empathetic perspective to her practice and advocacy for neurodiversity.

Personal Healing Journey

Having personally experienced healing from developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and ADHD, her work is enriched by a deep understanding of these challenges.

Grounded in Christian Values

Dr. Moreland is guided by strong Christian values of love and compassion, which underpin her approach to helping others and making a positive difference in the world.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

As the CEO and founder of the Re-MIND Institute, she demonstrates strong leadership and entrepreneurship in her mission to create transformative ripple effects in society.

Empowering Leaders

Dr. Moreland collaborates with leaders in various domains, be it homes, schools, workplaces, or communities, to empower them with knowledge and strategies for transformation.

Advocacy for Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness

Her dedication to mind-body-spirit wellness is evident in her work, empowering individuals to achieve holistic well-being and personal growth.

Authoritative Speaker

Dr. Moreland is a sought-after speaker who shares her insights and knowledge at conferences, workshops, and events to inspire and educate diverse audiences.


Despite her professional accomplishments, Dr. Moreland remains a devoted wife and mother, emphasizing the importance of balancing personal and professional life.

Life-changing Author

As a best-selling author, she has touched the lives of many through her written work, offering valuable insights and guidance for personal development and healing.

Transforming Lives

Through the Re-MIND Institute, Dr. Moreland's ultimate mission is to impact the masses positively, creating lasting changes that transform lives for the better.

Cultivating self-care

By gaining insights into others' self-care practices, readers can find inspiration to prioritize their well-being amidst the demands of motherhood.

Embracing imperfection

Navigating Motherhood celebrates imperfections and the idea that doing one's best is enough, fostering a positive mindset.

Lifetime Resource

The book can be a bonding tool for mothers, allowing them to share stories and advice with their network of fellow mothers, creating a supportive and caring community.

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