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Trauma-Informed Professional Development for Workplaces, Schools and Teams

Our workshops and programs are designed to empower your talent to lead, communicate and collaborate in a deeply connected and heart-centred way. See improved wellbeing, culture, performance and retention of your team by creating a psychologically safe and connected workplace. Overcome poor communication, reduce chronic stress and overwhelm, enhance team cohesion and compassion, and create an environment where people can thrive. 


All workshops (1hr to full day) and programs are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of the specific team, and our three fundamental pillars of Awareness, Education and Transformation ensure that this translates into meaningful change for the individuals, AND the professional entity.



Our trauma-informed and research-based leadership program is designed to develop leaders who can effectively navigate challenges, manage stress, build strong relationships with their team members, and inspire positive outcomes. Our program focuses on improving key interpersonal and intrapersonal factors that can lead to ineffective leadership.

Through our program, you'll learn how to communicate effectively with your team members, understand their perspectives and emotions, and build strong relationships based on trust and empathy. You'll also learn how to delegate tasks and responsibilities, hold yourself and your team members accountable, and provide constructive feedback that helps your team members grow and develop.

In addition, our program will help you develop key intrapersonal skills such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience. You'll learn how to manage your emotions, react to challenges and setbacks in a productive way, and stay focused on your goals and vision.

At the end of our program, you'll be equipped with the tools and strategies you need to be a more effective leader who can inspire positive outcomes, build strong relationships with your team members, and effectively navigate challenges.

Take the first step towards becoming the leader you desire to be, and contact us to discuss your development needs.


We empower schools to create a cohesive community where the entire school community, including staff, pupils and families can be supported to understand behaviour from a trauma-informed perspective, and then be equipped to not only expand the capacity of their own nervous system to remain regulated in the face of triggering stimuli, but to apply practical tools to co-regulate and support the healthy emotional, social, relational and intellectual development of our next generation.

Our workshops and programs aim to support teachers and educational support staff to understand and embody the core components of self-regulation through nervous system regulation, so that they can remain present, grounded and 'online' during challenging situations with students, parents and/or colleagues. However, one of the key things that really makes our program unique is that we pair this with parent/caregiver workshops to close the loop in supporting the children.

Investing in our trauma-informed program can have a significant impact on the success of your school. By fostering a healthier school environment, you'll experience improved academic achievement, reduced behavioural exacerbations, stronger relationships, and increased well-being among students, teachers, and parents.

Reach out today to discuss how the Re-MIND Institute can support your school community.


Our team program is designed to develop high-performing teams by improving key interpersonal and intrapersonal factors such as communication, trust, teamwork, and motivation. By addressing these factors, we help teams achieve outstanding results and retain valuable talent members in a market where staff shortages are both expensive and inefficient.

Led by a trainer with expertise in human behaviour, our program provides practical strategies tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. We offer flexible training options, including on-site or virtual training, to ensure maximum convenience for your team members.

Our program is built on a holistic trauma-informed approach that recognizes the impact of stress and trauma, even if it is unrelated to their professional environment, on individuals and teams WITHIN their work environment, providing effective strategies to manage these challenges.

Investing in our program can have a significant impact on your organisation's success. By developing high-performing teams, you'll experience improved productivity, reduced turnover, and increased staff satisfaction.

Our program fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and provides ongoing support to ensure sustained success.

Don't let talent turnover or team inefficiencies impact your organisation's success. Invest in your team today and reap the rewards of a more engaged, motivated and productive team. Contact us to discuss your needs!


Mind-Body Wellness and Self-Mastery

Our keynote speaker service is focused on providing powerful and transformational experiences for guests on the topic of mind-body wellness and self-mastery across a range of contexts. Our speaker, Dr Ashleigh Moreland, is an expert in the field, with 12 years of experience and knowledge in the areas of neuroplasticity, neuropsychology, human performance and holistic health.

Our keynote speaker will inspire and educate audiences on the importance of self-care (the REAL self-care, not bubble baths and green tea) and self-awareness, and provide practical tools and strategies for achieving a greater sense of well-being and balance in their lives. Our goal is to ensure that every person leaves a better version of themselves than they arrived.

Our keynote speaker is engaging, inspiring and knowledgeable, and will deliver a powerful and transformative message that will leave audiences feeling motivated and empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health and well-being, increase your productivity and focus, or simply learn more about the mind-body connection, our keynote speaker has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

The keynote will provide insights on:

  • Understanding the connection between the mind and body

  • Gaining awareness of unconscious patters and programming that is sabotaging your life, relationships, career, leadership / business, and wellbeing

  • Techniques for managing stress and anxiety

  • Improving overall physical and mental well-being

  • Enhancing self-awareness and personal growth

  • Creating a sense of balance and harmony in all areas of life

  • Increasing productivity and focus, and improving executive function

  • Plus so much more

  • The keynote can be tailored to fit the needs of the organisation and the audience, the duration of the talk can be adjusted and interactive elements can be included to make it more engaging.

    To discuss engaging Dr Ashleigh Moreland for your next event, click on the button below to book a call.


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